White Bluff-Rye Hill Volunteer Fire Department

White Bluff-Rye Hill Volunteer Fire Department provides Fire Protection, Medical, Search & Rescue, Auto Extrication, along with Fire Safety and Prevention Programs. The department’s fire coverage area includes the White Bluff, Rye Hill, Shadow Lake and a large portion of the Jenny Lind communities.

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Fire, Search & Rescue, & Public Safety Services

Our department provides Fire Protection, Medical, Search & Rescue, Auto Extrication, along with Fire Safety and Prevention Programs.



Medical Care

WBRH VFD volunteers are highly trained Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs), EMTs, and paramedics.

White Bluff – Rye Hill Volunteer Fire Department

The White Bluff-Rye Hill Volunteer Fire Department is responsible for all fire protection in the White Bluff, Rye Hill, Shadow Lake, along with 70% of the Jenny Lind Community and will be the initial department responding to any report of fire within our 26 square mile district, covering over 1,950 structures.

Fire Suppression

Our department maintains automatic and mutual aid agreements with our neighboring fire departments in Sebastian County, including the Fort Smith Fire Department. When there is a structure fire in our district, our department responds initially, followed by the next closest department.  On smaller fires we responds exclusively unless we request backup.

First Responders

WBRH Volunteer Fire Department has an organized medical responder program to assist our community during medical emergencies. The personnel that are a part of this program are required to receive extensive medical training, including how to perform proper CPR, use an AED, check vital signs, administer oxygen, bandage wounds, splint broken bones, treat a shock patient, treat burn victims, and many other life-saving skills.

Search and Rescue

Over the last few years, WBRH Volunteer Fire Department has had several members take on an additional role of becoming certified in Search and Rescue (SAR).  
Coordinated through the Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office our SAR members are called upon to assist and help search for missing/lost person issues within our county and state. 

Structure Fires


Hazardous Condition


Special Incident Calls


Brush/Grass Fires


Service Calls


Rescue/Medical Calls


Vehicle Fires


Good Intent Calls


False Alarms




Severe Weather


Total Calls

Fire and Medical “Run” Response Statistics 2023 Year Totals

About Our Volunteers

The WBRH Volunteer Fire Department is YOUR department. It is made up of volunteers, who are YOUR friends and neighbors. The personnel that make up YOUR fire department are dedicated individuals who serve the community, in which we all live, and do it on a 100% volunteer basis. We do not have any paid personnel serving on the department. Our firefighters are well trained and we have managed the department equipment and money to become one of the PREMIER volunteer fire departments in this part of Western Arkansas.

Years of Service at the Department

1 to 5 Years
6 to 10 Years
More Than 11 Years

Ladies Auxillary

The White Bluff-Rye Hill VFD Ladies Auxillary provides direct support to our responders by providing water and supplies as well as replenishing SCBA packs.

Junior Firefighters

The Junior Firefighter Program allows participants to observe and learn skills, techniques, and limited hands on training of saving life and property endangered by fire, disaster, and/or any other catastrophe and to promote the education and practice of fire prevention and protection.