2018 Newsletter

2018 Newsletter
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Effective January 1, 2018
In November of 2017, our Board of Directors and the Volunteer Fire Department as a whole, made the tough decision to increase our annual membership from $25 annually to $35 annually.  The White Bluff-Rye Hill Volunteer Fire Department has been at $25 annually since it began in 1976.  As each of you know, times have changed dramatically since 1976,  and so has our fire department.  This increase to $35 will still keep us as one of this areas lowest annual membership rates for a volunteer fire department.  

This increase from $25 to $35 will allow us to continue improving our department’s emergency apparatus, equipment and personal protective gear.  With added area, added trucks, added equipment, come added expenses.   We hope that you understand our need for this increase and continue to support our volunteer fire department with your annual membership and additional donations, whenever possible.

We’re looking forward to a Fire Safe 2018!


About the
White Bluff - Rye Hill Volunteer Fire Department
The White Bluff - Rye Hill Volunteer Fire Department proudly protects approximately 3,500+ people living in an area of 24 square miles.  We operate out of 3 stations that protect a primarily residential area.  Our department is a public department whose members are on a 100% volunteer status.  We have an ISO rating of 5.

Mission Statement 

 The White Bluff-Rye Hill Volunteer Fire Department is a 100% volunteer based fire department that provides Fire, Medical, Auto Extrication, Search and Rescue, Fire Prevention and Safety Services to our community and several neighboring communities within Sebastian County, Arkansas. 

It is our mission to not only to provide superior fire protection and basic emergency medical service to our areas, but to be a community leader and bring our community closer together through our group of dedicated volunteers. We strive to always exceed people’s expectations of a volunteer fire department and to always be there when one of our community members needs assistance.